Star Trek Fleet Command
New Player Promo Code Guide


New Star Trek Fleet Command players can receive a free content pack using the exclusive promo code "BOOST" giving them a beginner station upgrade pack with these resourses and even more!

Common G2 Gas
Common G2 Ore
Common G2 Crystal
Follow these steps for promo code redemption:
Download Star Trek Fleet Command using the link or QR code provided by the influencer.
In-game, go to your player profile (left top corner). Open Settings, choose General, and scroll down to sign up for your Scopely Account.
Visit the official website
Click the "Store" icon in the header to log in with your Scopely Account and access the web store.
In the store, locate "promo codes" on the left-hand menu. Open the "promo codes" page and enter "BOOST" to redeem your rewards. Once successfully redeemed, rewards will be visible when you return to the game.
Important Notes:
The promo code "BOOST" is exclusively for new players. Ensure redemption before reaching level 10 in the game.
The Final Frontier is yours, commander!
Don't miss out on this limited-time offer and enhance your Star Trek Fleet Command experience with the exclusive new player content pack.